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Asia-Pacific Digital Gaming Market : Growth potential, opportunities, drivers, industry-specific challenges and risks

August 16, 2019 / Market Reporter

Asia-Pacific is forecasted to be the largest digital gaming market in the world, with China being the biggest contributor to its growth. Among all digital activities, digital gaming has become one of the dynamic digital cultures, particularly for the youth of the region. The popularity of digital games in Asia Pacific is growing at an unprecedented rate. Mobile games have become extremely popular in the region, particularly in China . Asia Pacific presents a market with diverse preferences for all gaming platforms- PCs, mobiles, and consoles. Though most of the revenues of digital games in 2017 came from mobile gaming, PC and Console gaming are also highly preferred. PC gaming is an important means of entertainment in the APAC region given the fact that Korea has a number of dedicated gaming rooms called “PC bangs” where gamers play multiplayer games, and digital games portal Steam (by VALVE) has unrestricted access to Chinese gamers. Also, Japan is home to major companies ...