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Audioburst raises $10 million to parse podcasts and audio content with AI

April 22, 2019 / KYLE WIGGERS

Audioburst, a four-year-old startup developing AI that parses, labels, and segments live and recorded audio clips, today announced two new strategic and investment partnerships totaling over $10 million (an even $5 million split) from Japanese advertising firm Dentsu and car maker Hyundai, with participation from existing investors Samsung Ventures, Nippon, and Advanced Media. They come after a $14.4 million series A round and bring the company’s total raised to $25 million, ahead of its expansion into new smart speaker, mobile, in-car infotainment, wearable tech spaces, and its launch in Japan, the last of which it’ll mark in the coming months by adding Japanese language support. “The investments signal an industry acknowledgment for consumer demand of voice-based experiences, and Audioburst’s unmatched ability to deliver that technology,” said cofounder and CEO Amir Hirsh, who added that the company will team up with Dentsu to build out channels that del...