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Augmented Reality Shows Huge Potential for Augmented Gainss

May 01, 2019 / Knox Henderson

We've all heard about or experienced virtual reality (VR) through movies, games, sports simulator and holograms. The difference between VR and rapidly emerging augmented reality (AR) is "with virtual reality you are transported to another world. With augmented reality, a digital twin of the object is overlaid into your existing environment," says Evan Gappelberg, president and CEO of NexTech AR Solutions Corp. (NTAR:CSE; NEXCF:OTCQB), a developer of user-friendly, cost-effective AR technology run from the internet, not on an installed app.The NexTech ARP application is currently deployed, "augmenting" revenue for NexTech-owned e-commerce sites so that NexTech, listed as OTCQB: NEXCF and CSE: NTAR, is currently generating cash flow to fuel the development of its technologies. Factoring in growth, NexTech should generate $8.2 million in revenue in 2019 and about $2 million in EBITDA. At 4X topline revenue NEXCF looks downright cheap for a fast-growing technology g...