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Best VR headsets in 2019: Standalone and PC-ready picks from Oculus, HTC and more

November 07, 2019 / wareable

Virtual reality headsets were once only for the savviest of tech fans to explore, but the space is now packed to the brim with options for all experience levels and budgets. Whether you're looking for the best VR headset for your gaming PC, or you just want a standalone headset that you can jump into for 20 minutes, this buying guide has you covered. A virtual reality headset can be a fairly daunting purchase, even with the price of high-end devices from Oculus and HTC reducing over the last few years. With this in mind, it's important to grasp the key trends around VR headsets in 2019. In the barest terms, there's two types of headsets to choose between: standalone VR and PC-powered VR. Standalone VR, as the name suggests, works without any input from another device; you simply power it on and begin exploring. VR headsets for PCs are a bit different. They're more powerful and will deliver the best quality VR experience on the market, though this obviously comes at a mo...