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Bowser hints that Nintendo may look into game streaming service

June 14, 2019 / Robin-Leigh Chetty

With E3 2019 now coming to an end, it’s not the upcoming games that are getting a lot of attention, but rather the subscription and streaming services that developers and gaming firms are working on.Joining that long list, currently dominated by the likes of Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia at the moment, is Nintendo. Well, kind of, as recently appointed Nintendo president for North America – Doug Bowser – gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter alluding to the company looking into a streaming service in future.With the likes of Ubisoft and Square Enix also looking into their own services, Nintendo may not have firm plans in place, but also does not want to appear as if they’re not at least considering it.“We’ve seen a strong model that allows us to offer that catalog along with new content. From a subscription standpoint, one example we do have is Nintendo Switch Online, which not only provides access to online services and ability to play with ...