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Broadcasters Present the eSports Industry New Opportunities for Growth

August 08, 2019 / martechseries

The eSports industry has captivated hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide through large tournaments in dazzling arenas. Predominantly, viewers mainly watch casual or competitive events through YouTube and Twitch. And the two platforms together collectively have a larger audience than HBO, Netflix and ESPN combined, according to Goldman Sachs. Primarily, most of the viewers are from Asia and 79% of worldwide viewers are under the age of 35 years. In 2017, viewers logged a total of 355 billion minutes on Twitch, representing a 22% growth year-over-year. At the time, companies mainly monetized eSports through sponsorships, but by 2022, Goldman Sachs projects that media rights will dominate the overall revenue stream for the industry. Media rights provide broadcast stations with the rights to stream pro league events. For instance, Activision signed a 2-year USD 90 Million agreement with Twitch to distribute its Overwatch League throughout North America. Moreover, League of Legends dis...