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Brook Launches Wingman XB Converter, The Best Solution for Xbox One/ Xbox 360

October 16, 2020 / prnewswire

Brook is announcing its newest product for the gaming console converter Wingman series: The Wingman XB, which supports as many as 125 different types of Switch and PS4 controllers on the market , as well as joysticks for Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. It has been five years since Brook announced its first product in the super converter series. As consoles undergo technological breakthroughs throughout the years, Brook released 3 console converters for the Xbox series, with a custom PS3/PS4 to Xbox360 converter made in 2016 for the Evolution Championship Series. Not only was the product certified by EVO officials, it also provides gamers and contestants with a convenient, low-latency, high-quality controller configuration option.