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Childish Gambino Launches Multiplayer AR App

April 24, 2019 / Kyle Melnick

Fans of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) are in for a treat today as the prolific hip-hop/R&B artist releases his new app PHARO AR. Available now on compatible Android devices (coming soon to iOS), PHAROS AR is a mind-bending augmented musical experience that takes you on a journey through an AR portal into a colorful augmented cave filled with hidden glyphs to discover and holograms to rave with. Built on Google’s ARCore platform, the experience features a series of immersive layers, allowing you to explore deeper into the Childish Gambino universe by finding all the glyphs scattered throughout your real-world environment. Of course, you’re free to hunt down these special items yourself, although the experience does allow you to team up with others for a shared immersive experience. If that weren’t enough, the experience features a previously unreleased song called Algorithm which, until now, had only been available to hear during live performances. You can acces...