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Compete Face-To-Face With AR Social App Teatime Live

February 20, 2019 / Peter Graham

Gamers are all used to going head-to-head against other competitors online, but face-to-face is usually the realm of local gameplay sessions with mates. That could soon be a thing of the past, however, with Teatime Games announcing a new social platform for mobile devices which uses augmented reality (AR) called Teatime Live. Teatime Live is a face-to-face mobile gaming platform that lets users communicate with fellow players with real-time video chat while playing. In conjunction with the launch of Teatime Live today, the studio also released Hyperspeed, a futuristic racing experience to showcase the video features.Every Teatime Live videogame will begin by prompting new users to select a “Gameface” – an AR filter used during two-way live video as you play. In Hyperspeed , for example, players face will be placed side-by-side, sporting one of the funky looking helmets they’ve chosen. “Everyone at Teatime is incredibly excited to launch a new way to play m...