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Daniel Aharonoff Comments on Latest Developments in Digital Media Landscape

June 25, 2019 / ACCESSWIRE

At the turn of the new millennium, "digital transformation" was the mantra chanted across all areas of business, and "disruption" seemed to be the defining buzzword of the 2000s. While innovative technologies have continued to emerge in the past two decades, revolutionary changes in the digital media space have given way to evolutionary developments. As The Richards Group notes in a recent report, "Following decades of rapid growth and disruption, the dominant forces shaping the digital landscape have shifted, and we will be entering a period with fewer groundbreaking changes but far greater transformation. Innovations born from this frontier are being transferred into the core patterns of consumer behavior, of how businesses operate, products and services are constructed, and into the practices of brand building." Although the digital media sector is constantly in a state of adjustment, the latest analyses and observations point to several trends expected...