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DirecTV Now launching two ‘slimmer’ bundles including HBO

March 13, 2019 / Ben Munson

AT&T-owned streaming TV service DirecTV Now is launching two new “slimmer” channel packages, Plus and Max, both of which include HBO.AT&T didn’t offer up specifics on what channels will be included in each package. But the company said that in addition to HBO, Plus (priced at $50/month) and Max (priced at $70/month) will come with “dozens of live TV channels, including local ones, and an extensive on-demand library of great movies and TV shows.” The Max package will include more live sports channels, video-on-demand choices and HBO and Cinemax.DirecTV Now currently offers five different channel packages priced between $40/month and $65/month. The company said that existing DirecTV Now subscribers can remain on their current packages. The news from AT&T confirms in part a report last week from Cord Cutter News. The report said that DirecTV Now will raise prices by $10 per month for subscribers who remain on their old packages but AT&T did no...