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Entertainment, persona marketing and the power of being authentic

April 08, 2019 / Olivia Atkins

Everything counts as ‘entertainment’ today. From mobile gaming to e-sports, branded content and new realities in tech, there’s no telling where the entertainment industry will go. And it continues to evolve. So how are brands taking to entertainment marketing? The Drum invited members of The Drum Network to a roundtable discussion to explore the trends and technologies reshaping entertainment marketing.Brands are increasingly producing entertainment content, causing the rules around entertainment to change. Having recognised that this sector can engage audiences more intensely than traditional methods like paid-for media or three-second social posts, brands are smartening up their acts and focusing on “persona marketing” – according to Contented co-founder Moz Dee, who along with other participants around the table agree that no longer is entertainment limited to music, cinema or TV but that data is critical in identifying the audience’s need a...