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Entertainment, Tech Companies Making Coronavirus Donations

March 30, 2020 / VARIETY

There’s no question that Hollywood has been hard hit by the coronavirus shutdowns, with productions worldwide shuttering to keep their workers safe from contracting Covid-19. Some corporations, such as Disney, are pledging to pay many of their furloughed employees during the shutdown, while others are creating funds for workers and donating to medical efforts.Here are some of the corporate efforts under way in the entertainment and tech sectors: Apple has donated more than $15 million globally and matches employee donations two-to-one. Among other efforts, Apple has committed to donating several million masks to hospitals across the country. Facebook, through Mark Zuckerberg’s Zuckerberg-Chan Foundation, has committed $25 million to the Gates Foundation’s efforts to develop a treatment for Covid-19. Facebook also announced a $100 million program to help small businesses in over 30 countries, contributed $100 million to support the news industry and donated hundreds of...