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Esportz Entertainment Corp. Partners with Athleta-Ed to Provide Its Proprietary Media Training Instruction and Curriculum

May 14, 2019 / prnewswire

Esportz Entertainment Corp., (www.esportznetwork.com), a dedicated destination for global esports news, entertainment, and media training services, announced today that Athleta-Ed has selected the company as an academic partner to provide its proprietary media training instruction and curriculum. Esportz Entertainment Corp.'s strategic curriculum offering will focus on expanded instruction designed specifically for traditional athletes, in addition to its separate program for esports athletes, at the college and professional levels. Santa Monica-based ed-tech company, is launching a national sports business education initiative aiming to harness the power of sports business content and ed-tech personalization. The program will be delivered through traditional in-person instruction and online courses, leveraging ed-tech AI, and assessments to drive greater learning outcomes. "Esportz Entertainment Corp. was an ideal choice for us," said Hany Syed, CEO and co-founder of Ath...