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Everything We Know About Facebook’s New Oculus Santa Cruz VR Headset

September 25, 2018 / Janko Roettgers

This coming Wednesday and Thursday, virtual reality (VR) developers and enthusiasts from around the world will once again gather in San Diego, Calif., for Facebook’s Oculus Connect developer conference. One of the big reveals of the conference is expected to be the latest version of Oculus Santa Cruz, a standalone VR headset that Facebook has been teasing since 2016, and that is expected to become available to consumers in the coming months.Santa Cruz has been billed by the company as a new device category that sits squarely in the middle between existing headsets, offering PC-like immersion without the need for any wires. For for many in the industry, Santa Cruz is a lot more than that: It’s the hope to finally bring immersive VR experiences that were previously only available to a small subset of hardcore enthusiasts to a much wider set of consumers.