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Exploring the future of media and entertainment – and the VR, AR, and AI tech advancing it

July 10, 2019 / Marketing Tech News

It has been 83 years since TV hit UK screens, nearly 40 since Channel 4 broke the boundaries of a three channel TV service, and just over seven years since all television broadcasts went from analogue to digital. There is estimated to be 27,000 hours of domestic content produced a year at a cost of £2.6 billion.  But that’s just TV. We all know that how we consume media and our entertainment has evolved more in the last few years than it had in the last century.  Media consumers are now watching video content on a computer or a smartphone (92%) and 58% stream TV content via the Internet according to a recent survey by Salesforce. We also know that more millennials discover content through personalised recommendations rather than ads or publicity and, regardless of what channel we are consuming media on, we will see more advertising (around double from 2015-2019) and as our data continues to proliferate, those ads will be more tailored to our individual musings. Ad...