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Facebook ‘Open To Weird, Artsy Games’ For Oculus Quest If ‘High-Quality’

March 05, 2019 / DAVID HEANEY

When asked if Oculus Quest store curation will allow for “weird, artsy games”, Facebook’s Chris Pruett had the following to say: Last week Facebook announced Quest’s store would have a different content policy than previous headsets — a more console-like policy. On Rift and Go developers submit near-finished games. On Quest, Facebook wants developers to submit a “concept document” early in development. The claimed goal is to have a “high quality” content catalog with “polish, substance, and depth”.This has lead to concern among developers as to just how restrictive the curation will be. Additionally, it’s still unclear exactly what Facebook’s definition of “high quality” is. Games, like all art, are inherently subjective. Pruett’s comments on openness to “weird, artsy” games may dispel some concerns that the curation would stifle gameplay innovation.But what if, despite a develop...