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Fibrum Hosts Children’s Charity VR Event For World Cancer Day

February 14, 2019 / Peter Graham

The 4th February is World Cancer Day and to honour international awareness of the disease virtual reality (VR) company Fibrum held a special charity event for the children’s oncological ward in Balashikha Central District Hospital, Russia. World Cancer Day sees cancer communities and organizations globally unite, helping spread the word as one voice across a wider audience, hopefully motivating people around the world to take action in reducing the growing impact of cancer.Fibrum decided to hold an event at the children’s hospital as a way of introducing the kids to virtual reality (VR), letting them experience some of the company’s content from its Desirium platform via several of its mobile compatible headsets. It was a day where the children could forget about surgeries, chemotherapies and various other procedures, and escape into virtual worlds.It wasn’t all just about VR though, with Fibrum bringing along face-painting and balloon making activities to also ...