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Fortnite Players Voice Concerns About PS4 and Xbox One Performance, Epic Games Responds

March 04, 2019 / TANNER DEDMON

Fortnite players received a response from Epic Games after bringing attention to a degraded experience on consoles with the developer asking those who are encountering issues to continue sharing reports and evidence of their problems.Players have been voicing concerns about the state of Fortnite’s console versions since the start of Season 8 with topics even unrelated to overall performance getting derailed as players talked about optimization and FPS drops. The PC version was listed as having problems as well in these conversations, but a highly-upvoted post in the game’s subreddit specifically called out the console versions. In a post currently above 9,000 upvotes that looks like it might go higher, a player said “console is nearly unplayable at this point.” The poster cited issues like low frame rates during fights, finicky builds that won’t place properly, and an overall performance they described as an all-time low for the game. Others agreed with th...