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FREEDIVER: Triton Down Is The Latest Project From Evasion Dev Archiact

April 24, 2019 / Peter Graham

Virtual reality (VR) developer Archiact has shown its skills a number of times over the past few years, with the most recent project release being the first-person shooter (FPS) Evasion. Today, the studio has unveiled its latest videogame, taking a somewhat different approach with a single-player experience called FREEDIVER: Triton Down. players to stay alive in an environment that’s quite hostile with limited access to air. The story premise is that you play as freediver Ren Tanaka, who must navigate a capsizing research ship, the R.S.V Triton. As the ship sinks and water surges all around you, you need to find a path to the surface, whilst managing your most precious resource, the air in your lungs.In VR it’s easier to fly around in space than it is to accurately swim in the ocean, so the Archiact team have paid special attention to the way movement is handled in FREEDIVER: Triton Down, with a gesture-driven system that aims to offer intuitive and immersive swimming and d...