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Game stream service found adware plaguing over 78,000 ‘Fortnite’ players

July 02, 2018 / John Gaudiosi

Game streaming service Rainway recently discovered adware plaguing over 78,000 Fortnite players. Rainway is a game streaming client installed on your PC that will stream your games to other devices using an internet connection. The platform itself includes a tracker that records error reports for the engineering team. To their surprise, hundreds of thousands of these reports began appearing on June 26, raising a red flag.“Not feeling very excited to see such an influx of events on a Tuesday the engineering team was a bit flustered, after all, we hadn’t released any updates to that particular piece of our solution,” says Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson. “It became pretty clear soon after that this new flood of errors was not caused by something we did, but by something someone was trying to do.”