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Gearbox CEO Defends Epic Games Store and ‘Borderlands 3’ Exclusivity

April 19, 2019 / STEFANIE FOGEL

Earlier this month, developer Gearbox Software revealed the PC version of its anticipated co-op shooter “Borderlands 3” is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. This created some blowback from fans who prefer Valve’s digital storefront Steam. Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford defending the decision in a lengthy Twitter thread on Saturday (helpfully recreated in this Reddit post), saying competition between stores will be “absolutely best” for consumers, developers, and publishers.While the Epic Games Store is currently missing some basic features, the company recently shared a roadmap detailing upcoming changes, and Pitchford believes the website will look quite different by the time “Borderlands 3” launches in September. He admitted, though, it’s also possible Epic won’t have the new features ready in time, but he said that’s a risk Gearbox and publisher 2K are willing to take.