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Google quietly rolls out Play Store budgeting feature

April 16, 2019 / KYLE WIGGERS

We’ve all gone on in-app buying sprees before, but Google wants to ensure your next binge doesn’t break the bank. To that end, it’s introducing a new budgeting feature in Google Play that lets users track expenses and specify an upper spending limit.Budgets can be set from within the Google Play app on Android phones or tablets, but not the web. Launching the Play Store, tapping on the menu icon, and selecting Account and Purchase History should do the trick. From there, look for “Set budget” and enter a dollar amount before tapping Save. The next time you purchase an app, movie, book, song, or any other item with your account, you’ll see a message letting you know if you’re getting close to (or are over) your budget. Setting a Play Store budget won’t prevent you from actually buying items that take you over your preset limit, and Google says budgets can only be set in the currency of your current Google Play country profile. To see if yo...