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Hands-on: LetinAR Brings a Larger FOV & Depth of Field to AR with ‘Pinhole Effect’ Optics

February 27, 2019 / Scott Hayden

Dubbing their optics ‘PinMR’, the company develops a number of lens configurations featuring small pinhole-sized mirrors oriented to reflect images from displays (both micro and larger formats) to the user’s eye.The company’s latest product demo, which they call PinMR “8K”, sources imagery from two 5-inch 4K LCD displays held within a fixed viewing frame. Questionable branding aside (you only see a 4K stereoscopic image), LetinAR told me the “8K” demo was created specifically to show off the boundaries of what their optical tech was capable of. The image was bright, very sharp, and more importantly allowed me to focus on 3D images at varying distances, from 50cm (~20 inches) to infinity—something that’s done without the use of lightfields. The concept at play here is similar to pinhole camera photography, which creates images with a near-infinite depth of field, making everything appear in focus by limiting the amount of light...