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Hands-On With Marvel’s Iron Man VR

April 17, 2019 / Matt Malliaros

We were invited by Sony to demo the highly-anticipated Iron Man VR during their Playstation Exclusive Showcase, recently. The result of our preview was nothing short of excellent, exciting, invigorating, and somewhat disorienting.When you were a kid, reading Iron Man comics or watching the animated Iron Man series, did you ever wish you’d be able to don that iconic red and gold armor? How about when Robert Downey Jr. took up the mantle of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? No matter when it was, we’ve all had that daydream of what it would like to be Iron Man. Now, thanks to the brilliant minds at Camouflaj LLC, that daydream is becoming a Virtual Reality.  In Marvel’s Iron Man VR, when you put on the Playstation VR headset and equip the Move controllers, you instantaneously become Iron Man. The giddiness that I felt in that moment, and even writing that sentence, is indescribable. You can’t help but just smile and giggle on your first flight. I k...