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Hipster Bait Launches to Bring Game Dynamics and Augmented Reality to Music Discovery

June 26, 2020 / Hipster Bait Ltd.

Today, Hipster Bait a music discovery platform for people ready to rock, launched with a first of its kind mobile app for music discovery. Available on iOS and Android, the Hipster Bait mobile app sends players out into the real world to hunt down and capture unreleased, exclusive music using augmented reality and location-based technology. "Great music tracks are getting laid down every day but it's harder than ever to get that music out to people and make a living while doing it," explains Michael Tension, Co-Founder of Hipster Bait. "As artists, we can't rely solely on the algorithms of over-crowded streaming services. We need to find new ways for fans to experience music." Each week, Hipster Bait releases exclusive unreleased songs from emerging artists hidden across a network of physical locations. After a player finds the song and the artist is revealed, they can easily revisit the song in their cassette box and springboard to artist platforms.