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How AR/VR Will Up the Sales Game

June 10, 2019 / Arthur Cole

Augmented and virtual reality are more than just the latest gaming fads. Both have applications.But how, exactly, are they suited to perhaps the most basic need of the modern economy: making a sale? It turns out that AR/VR has a lot to offer not only in developing products and services and getting them to market, but in closing the deal as well.The retail industry, in fact, is already steeped in AR and VR. A key element of modern sales, whether it is for a house, a car or a new pair of shoes, is to get the customer to imagine himself or herself owning and enjoying the product. That task is much easier, and far more effective, if you can engage sight, sound and other senses to literally show them what the world looks like once they are in possession of whatever you are trying to sell. (Think you know about VR? Check out 5 Common Myths About Virtual Reality — And Why They Aren’t True.)