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How Virtual Reality Can Improve The Quality Of Life For People With Dementia

May 09, 2019 / Robert Glatter

While virtual reality (VR) has become an important tool for recreational gaming, it is also proving to be quite valuable in the realm of medicine, training physicians to perform procedures during resuscitations and simulations and reinforcing decision making and patient monitoring. But its benefits may also prove valuable for patients with a variety of mental health conditions, including those with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, phobias, autism, and schizophrenia, by allowing them to enter and explore new environments which may help to alleviate symptoms, while also serving as a coping strategy.Such benefits of VR also extend to those with dementia who experience poor memory, confusion, and display increased aggression towards family and caregivers, according to new research by Dr. Jim Ang and colleagues at the University of Kent. The small study, conducted at St Andrew's Healthcare in Northampton, involved 8 patients (ages 41 to 88) who were living with dementia. (Al...