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HP’s Upcoming Reverb G2 Is Taking On Both Gaming & Enterprise Industries

May 29, 2020 / Peter Graham

Having started as one of the original manufacturers for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality system, HP has been one of the few to actually continue reiterating. Last year saw the HP Reverb arrive, keenly focused towards enterprise use. For 2020, HP has officially announced the Reverb G2 which is going back to those consumer roots. The HP Reverb G2 was teased back in March, with the tech giant also collaborating with Valve as well as Microsoft on the new head-mounted display (HMD). The benefit of which can be seen in the G2’s design and software compatibility. For example, the back of the head strap looks very much like Valve Index’s – which is very comfortable – plus the speakers also sit away from the ear by 10mm. Which makes them comfortable, easy to use when setting up and spatial audio ready. So they’ll support MSFT spatial audio alongside HP Labs’ new spatial audio format.