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HSEL Spring Majors Has Largest Prizing in High School Esports History

February 27, 2019 / STEFANIE FOGEL

The High School Esports League (HSEL) is offering over $174,000 in MSI peripherals during its Spring Majors, making it the largest prize pool in high school esports history, the organization announced on Wednesday.The 2019 Spring Majors regular season runs eight weeks from Mar. 18 to May 26. The entire starting rosters for the top eight teams across all of the competition’s supported games will get an Interceptor DS300 gaming mouse, a GK-701 gaming keyboard, and a Siberian gaming headset as trophies for their winning performances.Those same teams will also qualify to compete in the Summer Invitational, while the winning clubs for each game will nab a MSI Esports Arena for their schools. The arenas come with twelve gaming PCs — six Trident X 9th desktop systems and six GE63 Raider RGB laptops. “We started HSEL because when we were in high school, we dreamed about having school-approved competitions for our favorite games with trophies, varsity letters, college scholars...