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Hulu Live TV nears 1M subscribers as U.S. vMVPDs grew by 868,000 subscribers in Q2, analyst says

August 23, 2018 / Liz Lanier

Strategy Analytics has compiled some interesting figures including subscriber growth rates for all the major virtual MVPDs.In all, the firm said that U.S. vMVPDs added 868,000 new subscribers during the quarter. Only two, Sling TV and DirecTV Now, publicly disclosed how many subscribers they added. Sling TV added 41,000 new subscribers, up 25.9% year over year according to Strategy Analytics, and DirecTV Now added 342,000, up an astonishing 268.4% year over year.While those two services still account for the bulk of all vMVPD subscribers in the U.S., with more than 4 million combined, other competitors are quickly gaining ground.