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Hulu plans to move some channels from its live TV service back to on-demand

October 17, 2018 / Chris Welch

Hulu’s chief executive has said that the company is aiming to change up its live TV offering by breaking down its current $40-per-month channel package into smaller bundles. The current package has over 1 million subscribers, and CEO Randy Freer did an interview with The Information this week where he confirmed that the company is rethinking its approach to selling live TV.Freer said he wants to drop some of Hulu’s existing live channels in favor of on-demand programming and focus the company’s live TV efforts on “live sports and news.” So it sounds like customers might lose some channels that are currently available for 24/7 live streaming, though Freer didn’t specify which networks might be switched back to on-demand.Hulu seems to be preparing for a future where content owners — such as Comcast, if it offloads its stake in the streaming company — bail on live TV apps and instead build out their own services. What happens when networks t...