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In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity Market Enabling Technologies, Applications, Standardization, Key Trends Forecasts 2026

March 19, 2019 / marketwatch

The global In-flight entertainment and connectivitymarket is anticipated to reach USD 9.09 billion by 2026. The development of innovative wireless solution and rising BYOD trend is anticipated to propel the market growth for In-flight entertainment and connectivity market. Further, the demand is propelled by mounting commercial aviation & fleet expansion. Also, rising HD content availability across various platforms is anticipated to bolster the market demand. However, recent administrative regulations for integration of In-flight entertainment and connectivity into aircrafts in several developed economies such as US is expected to control the industry progress. Such regulations limits the integration of in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems to a certain degree for ensuring safe travel by reducing the possibility of accidents related to weight and cabling of the in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems. Also, the high costs associated to procurement and content s...