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Introducing Superhot VR: Arcade Edition, Out Now At VR Arcades

April 24, 2019 / JAMIE FELTHAM

One of VR’s most popular and best games is finally getting an arcade version.Superhot VR: Arcade Edition launched today for VR arcades across the globe. This isn’t a brand new Superhot game with new levels but instead a remixed version of the original classic. It features a new point-scoring mode, encouraging players to pull off their slickest, most stylish slow-motion action movies. Local leaderboards will let them solidify bragging rights, too.You’ll be able to play this version of the game in either five, 15 or 30-minute sessions. Check it out in the trailer below, although you probably already know what to expect. In a prepared statement, Alastair Hebson, Head of Special Projects at the Superhot team, said there was a “large appetite” for this version of the game. “It was an obvious decision for us to greenlight a project and hire a team solely focused on making it happen,” Hebson said. “It’s exciting for us to be in the [locati...