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Is Netflix the Most Loved Streaming Service?

April 15, 2019 / Jess Barnes

We all have our preferences when it comes to streaming services. Some of us need a service with a live TV option. Others are here for the original series and movies.In a recent survey Hub Entertainment Research, 1,692 viewers in the US were asked about their opinions of different services and what they’re looking for from the services they subscribe to. Here’s what they found.When asked which TV source they would keep if they could only have a limited number of channels or services, 44% of respondents listed Netflix as their top choice. CBS, ABC, NBC, and ESPN filled out the top 5 answers. Netflix was an especially popular answer with those in the 16-34 category, with 59% of that age group choosing Netflix as their top answer.Original movies and series were a major factor in making Netflix the favorite platform for survey respondents. Two-thirds of those in the 16-34 age range said the word “original” made them more interested in content. About half of those age...