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iwonder launches new streaming service

March 04, 2019 / Wenlei Ma

Another streaming service has launched hoping to take a share of the growing market in Australia.iwonder is a documentary-focused service that will charge $6.99 per month or $69.99 for an annual subscription. In addition to Australia, it will also launch in New Zealand and Singapore this week.It will have over 1000 titles on its platforms by the end of the month — some of the titles include classics such as Hoop Dreams, Super Size Me, Not Quite Hollywood, Kurt & Courtney and Jesus Camp.What iwonder hopes will set it apart from its competitors is a current affairs curation service. The app’s homepage will have articles of news events and serve up relevant or related recommendations.For example, if the extradition of a Huawei executive is making headlines, iwonder might recommend documentaries about the Chinese protest movement or a film about Silicon Valley and tech companies. It launches on iOS and Android devices with capacity for Chromecast and Airplay. Dedicated Appl...