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Location-Based VR Market: The Next Phase of Immersive Entertainment

July 08, 2019 / Pragati Pathrotkar

Location based virtual reality is a suite of hardware and software components that enable end-users to visualize and experience virtual environment in real-time. Virtual reality includes hardware and software that is required to provide a virtual environment of real or imaginary subject and further interact with it. Demand for location based virtual reality is expected to rise globally, largely due to rising applications in end-use sectors such as healthcare, education, gaming, and media and entertainment. Adoption of technology is higher in the gaming, media and entertainment sector, as compared to other sectors in the industry. Current advancements in technology in location based VR are boosting the expectation of end-users to experience virtual surrounding in different applications, irrespective of any location or time. Hardware developers have been introducing or updating location based VR enhancements in the last few years in order to improve user experience. Increasing number of ...