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Media & Entertainment Brands Have Room for Improvement with Personalization

November 06, 2019 / Brian Johnson

Companies born out of this digital era like Netflix or Hulu have disrupted a multitude of industries, and media and entertainment is certainly no exception. These brands exist exclusively online and are a major threat to older, more traditional brands. Why? They emphasize is on the customer experience—making it more convenient and personalized, they sell online direct-to-consumers often in subscription-based platform, and typically utilize data more efficiently and profitably. Think of it this way—instead of choosing which movie to see at the cineplex, you log on to Netflix and they have a curated selection of content based on your previous views. Not only do they have “Just For You” but they’ll have multiple sections based on particular interests; for me it’s probably something along the lines of “because you watched all 7 seasons of The Great British Baking Show in 4 days, are you ok?”My Netflix binges aside, their brand is centered aro...