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Microsoft unveils the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

April 29, 2019 / techadvisor

To meet the growing demands of an expanding digital market, Microsoft has launched the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.The first Xbox console hit shelves back in 2001 and within this period consumers have increasingly gravitated toward digital experiences and online content, with Microsoft tracking these trends. Responding to the feedback from online gamers, the latest console from the Xbox family delivers the same great software now at just a fraction of the cost.Since the inception of the well-loved Xbox console, there have been massive digital leaps in the way consumers use technology today; listening to music across digital devices, streaming TV and movies on the go, and accessing online games with multiple players around the world.Indeed, users will also have the choice to stream 4K HDR entertainment through sites like Amazon, Netflix and more on the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.Gamers that often misplace or damage discs will enjoy the disc-free gaming of this console, ample ...