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Microsoft wants to use Project xCloud to increase the reach of Xbox Games

June 25, 2019 / moneycontrol

Microsoft dropped several details about Project xCloud – its cloud gaming service – at E3 2019. However, unlike Google Stadia, Microsoft left out the pricing of its upcoming cloud gaming service. From the details provided, we know Xbox console owners will be able to use their console to stream their entire collection of Xbox games for free. However, Microsoft’s ambitions for xCloud don’t stop there. The company wants to use Project xCloud to broaden the total addressable market. Spencer reportedly wants to use xCloud to reach people around the world, particularly in Asian and African countries, where access to consoles is limited, and Android is the primary means of gaming. Spencer believes xCloud can be used as a platform to vastly increase the reach of Xbox games in these nations. Speaking to GamesIndustry at E3 2019, Microsoft’s Head of Gaming Phil Spencer mentioned; “Last month, Catherine and I were in Africa. Not a lot of Xboxes in Africa. Not a...