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Mixed Reality Creation Tool Microsoft Marquette Leaks

October 29, 2018 / Rebecca Hills-Duty

Though Microsoft have been involved in virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) for some time, notably with the Microsoft HoloLens and the various Windows MR devices, its growth has been slower than the company expected. However, Microsoft may be hoping to change that with the release of a new tool for creating in mixed reality.A Twitter user called WalkingCat has tracked down a leak for an MR prototype tool designed for PC VR headsets. The tool allows users to plan their creations in 3D, instead of on a 2D screen, with the intention of making things more intuitive and easy to test.Microsoft has said that Marquette was initially designed as an internal tool, before it was recognised how useful it could be if it were made available to the wider user base. There Marquette tool has been described as an evolution of similar tools that have been previously released for VR.Marquette is said to have a robust toolbar, complete with fill tools, paintbrushes, text, shapes, backgrounds, animat...