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More Rhythm Action Madness Arrives With Audica

March 07, 2019 / Peter Graham

Put those sabers down as there’s a new rhythm action videogame in town which wants to eat up all your time. Today sees the return of Harmonix to virtual reality (VR), following up from Rock Band VR with a gun-toting experience called Audica.  Arriving via Early Access on both Steam and Oculus Store, Audica looks to make its own mark on the musical rhythm action genre by challenging players to shoot and smash targets to an infectious electronic beat. Harmonix, being the developer it is, has already got quite the lineup of tunes for players to enjoy, with an initial ten available today, and over 25 planned for the final release at the end of 2019. In addition to the ten songs, the early access version will include one weapon type, four difficulty settings, one environment and online leaderboards. The studio has yet to confirm how quickly more tracks will be added in the months ahead. The gameplay involves two guns, one orange and one blue, with which to shoot a variety of sing...