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Nat Martin Wants To Change The Way You Interact With AR Environments

April 03, 2019 / Bobby Carlton

Nat Martin received a lot of attention in 2017 when Tech Insider released a video showing how Martin re-imagined the way you could interact with AR through a device he called a Scroll ring, a device he created when he was a student at the Royal College of Arts.His innovative design allowed you to interact within your AR environment without having to place your hand in a certain position or perfect a specific gesture within the field of view on your headset sensors – and with a simple tap on the side of the ring, or thumb swipe, you were able to scroll through and control entire AR user-interfaces.Since that video, Martin’s Scroll ring has gone through several iterations and has evolved into something that no longer looks like a ring; instead, it has morphed into an interesting-looking interactive wearable called LITHO, that promises a more dynamic, intuitive, and precise mobile AR experience. Where the Scroll ring was a merer prototype that required the ring to be tethered ...