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New report offers picture-perfect view of 360-degree video market

April 25, 2019 / Paul Hosking

Not all videos are recorded in the same conventional format. In recent years, 360-degree videos have become a popular alternative. In the following report, you can learn more about the global 360-degree video market and where it's headed. Videos have traditionally been recorded in a linear format that provides viewers with little on or control over the content itself. Viewers can often pause, rewind and fast forward videos, but they can't change the content displayed in the video. Well, that has since changed thanks to the introduction of 360-degree videos. Also known as immersive videos, 360-degree videos are videos recorded from multiple angles, allowing viewers to change the direction of the camera while watching the video. 360-degree videos are created using one of two methods: a single 360-degree video camera with multiple lenses, or a set of multiple video cameras. Regardless, the video camera or cameras recorded the scene from multiple angles. Once recorded, the footage ...