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New Vive virtual reality for enterprise is now available

June 10, 2019 / Tanner Harding

HTC Vive announced that Vive Po Eye is now available in North America.The Vive Pro Eye, introduced earlier this year, has eye tracking technology and is intended for enterprise virtual reality (VR) use. According to HTC Vive, companies from multiple industries are using Vive Pro Eye for things like training, simulation, consumer feedback and analytics, gaze-orientated navigation and more. The Vive Pro Eye was built on the design of the Vive Pro and was specifically created with the needs of the professional user in mind, HTC Vive said. Features of the eye tracking functionality include:Precision eye tracking: Creates more expressive avatars for immersive virtual interactions in meeting and collaboration tools.Training environments: Simulates real-life scenarios and provides users with intelligent performance feedback.Deeper data analysis: Captures real-time user feedback through heat mapping and gaze tracking to gain insight into user behavior and decision processes.