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New VR / MR headsets for the enterprise

April 24, 2019 / JOAO ANTUNES

The last month has been full of surprises regarding the VR/MR industry, as various companies announced and launched new headsets. Facebook seems to be taking the consumer route with both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S. After the success with the HTC Vive, Valve finally decided to tease their own VR Headset, the Valve Index. However, other than Varjo’s headset announced back in February, what about VR headsets for the commercial industry? HP recently announced a new VR Headset, the HP Reverb, for consumers, along with a Pro version for the enterprise. As part of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform announced in 2016, it’s not a surprise HP is now launching an improved version of its previous inside-out tracking headset. What’s surprising, is what that upgrade means.