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Nintendo Switch Lite won't be VR compatible (or good for Labo)

July 11, 2019 / Henry St Leger

The Nintendo Switch Lite is set to offer a streamlined version of the Switch console we all know and love: the same games, near-identical inputs, and with some choice features stripped out for a more compact and affordable way into the Nintendo ecosystem. And one thing the Switch Lite has decided to cut? Virtual reality.The Nintendo Labo VR Kit was a surprise addition to the Labo range this year, allowing users to turn their Switch console into a bonafide VR display they could strap to their heads. But the new form factor of the Switch Lite – measuring a more compact 5.5-inch screen, and integrating the Joy-Con controls into the body of the console itself – means it won't quite play nice with the Labo VR Goggles you might have been eyeing up, which require the Switch's larger build and 6.2-inch screen.The appeal of the Switch Lite will be in its focus on a handheld experience. As a smaller and more portable console, without the faff of detachable controllers, it wil...