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Nomadic will launch Arizona Sunshine VR arcade in Orlando

October 04, 2018 / DEAN TAKAHASHI

Nomadic will open its first virtual reality arcade featuring the first-person shooter game Arizona Sunshine in Orlando, Florida.The San Rafael, California-based Nomadic will partner with Rotterdam, The Netherlands-based Vertigo Arcades  to take the popular shooter game into VR arcades, where players won’t have the inconvenience of having to set up their own VR experience at home. The idea is to jumpstart the VR games market while waiting for more convenient technologies to come in.The company will also build its VR Arcade Suite, a content launcher for free-roaming location-based (LB) VR titles. It also includes an applications programming interface (API) for integrating a variety of key arcade features like tracking systems, peripherals, spectator and mixed reality functionality, and more in both location-based VR and core VR titles.