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Nvidia discounts several of its powerful GeForce GPUs

May 07, 2019 / Emily Heller

Amazon, Best Buy, and a few other retailers are running concurrent sales on Nvidia GeForce GTX and RTX graphics cards — and pre-built gaming PCs utilizing those GPUs.Nvidia’s GeForce brand is largely considered the gold standard when it comes to gaming. Its latest iteration, the high-end RTX line, was announced during last year’s Gamescom conference and boasts “real-time ray tracing” technology. The technique allows for cinema-quality graphics by mimicking the computing process of the human eye. Of course real-time ray tracing requires an immense amount of power, which is why the RTX line is so expensive. (Last month, though, Nvidia updated the previous GeForce iteration, the GTX line, to utilize real-time ray tracing as well.)Throughout May and June, Nvidia is running several discounts on its RTX graphics cards, as well as GeForce-equipped laptops and desktop gaming PCs. Some monitors with Nvidia G-Sync, the technology that allows displays to eliminate sc...