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NVIDIA SHIELD TV Arrives; Spells Out the Future of Streaming Entertainment

November 04, 2019 / aithority

NVIDIA raised the bar higher still for streaming media players unveiling the next generation of SHIELD™ TV, which delivers unmatched levels home entertainment, gaming and AI capabilities right into the living room, starting at $149. The two new SHIELD models SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro provide exceptional visual and sound experiences. Their new Tegra® X1+ processor, delivering up to 25 percent more performance than its predecessor, helps bring to life Dolby Vision for ultra-vivid imagery and Dolby Atmos for extraordinary audio. Its computational prowess dramatically improves picture quality by using AI to upscale HD video streams into 4K resolution. “These new models provide a big step up for SHIELD, which has consistently delivered groundbreaking innovations in the living room since its introduction five years ago,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of the Consumer Business at NVIDIA. Jeff added, “They deliver unquestionably best-in-class entertainmen...